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Mallsoft, in particular, focuses on creating a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere, attempting to replicate the experience of being inside a shopping mall or commercial space. The music typically incorporates slowed-down and looped samples of elevator music, soft jazz, and other smooth genres, combined with the simulated sounds of people chatting, footsteps, and other ambient noise.

Mallsoft aims to evoke feelings of nostalgia, comfort, and sometimes even a sense of urban loneliness. It's often described as "music for an empty mall" or "dead mall music." This genre has gained a dedicated following among those who enjoy exploring the more experimental and nostalgic aspects of electronic music.

The first album that introduced myself into the genre is 1988 by Zadig The Jasp, which I discovered through Happy Saturday Records on TikTok. I'm discovering quite some digital music thanks to them, their Substack is also pretty interesting.